Backyard Compost Bin & Rain Barrel Sale

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the Town of Highlands Citizens Environmental Advisory Committee and the Community Garden at Holy Innocents are teaming up to offer local residents compost bins at discounted rates. Food waste contributes to the cost of trash removal and contamination of recycled materials. By composting we can reduce overall waste, and create wonderful amendments to our garden soil.

Why Compost?

We compost at the Community Garden and want all our neighbors to enjoy the benefits of compost, which include improving or maintaining high quality soil, growing healthy plants, reducing the use of fertilizer and pesticides, improving water quality and protecting the environment. By adding compost you can conserve water and help improve soil to help hold water in the root zone. Want to learn more? Check out this great video: 

For more information on solid waste and recycling please visit the Orange County website or email

“Attention Orange County residents, have you ever wanted to start backyard composting but weren’t sure how? Would you like to purchase the required tools for composting at a discounted price? We have good news! The Orange County Division of Environmental Facilities & Services is making available for purchase discounted composting bins and rain water barrels for individual use. This will help residents reduce waste, protect the environment, and grow healthy plants. These items can be purchased through this website:

Ermin Siljkovic
Orange County Recycling Coordinator

Orange County


Thank you for participating and helping Orange County Go Green! 

Pick-Up Location & Details

Pick-ups will be made at the Community Garden at Holy Innocents, 401 Main St, in Highland Falls, with a date still to be determined due to the COVID-19 virus. We will let you know when we are able to start distributing and at that time you will be able to safely arrange your pick up time appointment by calling (917)509-1200.

Community Garden at Holy Innocents,

Community Garden at Holy Innocents, 401 Main St, Highland Falls NY 10928

Pick-Up by Appointment Only

call 917-509-1200.